Album Review: Falling In Reverse ‘Coming Home’

All you members of the Bad Girls Club better grab your “I Heart Ronnie” cheer outfits because Falling In Reverse are Coming Home with their new album out this Friday!

Coming Home is the follow up release to FIR’s Just Like You, and boy, it is a good one!

FIR explore and expand their musical horizons with a different vibe with more electro pop grooves but still not straying too far away from the sound that we have grown to love. The first three singles Coming Home, Loser, and Broken have been received wonderfully within the scene where the new sound has been embraced with open arms.

This album is filled with catchy choruses, half serious lyrics and of course it wouldn’t be the work of Radke without a blatant hate song about the notable feud with ex-band Escape the Fate. Although apparently this will be the last song that he “will ever sing, about a person that I [he] would rather not name”. Fuck You and All Your Friends is a highlight off this release.

As we all know Radke has a lot of hate in him, but we take a turn and throughout this album he turns his attention to love. I’m Bad At Life is such an emotional track, which seems to be about running away with his love, whom no one wants them to be together. You can almost feel the yearning in the vocals. Radke does not get enough recognition for his amazing voice in my opinion.

I think Radke has always had this ability to be able to express his inner turmoil through catchy tunes which have a form of relatability for a lot of people and I think this album played live with its insanely loud and full chorus’ (which you know will have the crowd singing along) will make some fans very happy. I also love how Radke can poke fun at himself (refers to himself as an alien in Right Now), it’s so refreshing filled with an industry where musicians take themselves way to seriously.

Coming Home isn’t just an album, it’s not just a collection of songs, it’s a turning point for the future of Falling in Reverse, and it makes me want to dance.

By the way, we don’t think you’re a Loser Ronnie.


Coming Home Out April 7!