Album Review: Deaf Havana – ‘All These Countless Nights’

English rock band Deaf Havana have been slowly surfacing the alternative rock scene since the release of their sophomore record, Fools and Worthless Liars. From the honest songwriting to the soulful melodies, the five-piece have managed to musically and lyrically find a newfound chemistry in their upcoming fourth record, All These Countless Nights. The band wear their hearts on their sleeves without hesitation, creating a record so honest, it’s like reading a page out of a personal journal dug up from the ground years ago. Bands like Deaf Havana are the underdogs of this scene and revealing much of their potential in this LP has set them up for good measure in their successful career as a band.

One thing you’ll notice as you first listen to the record is the amount of authenticity it has. It opens up old wounds with songs like, “Ashes, Ashes” and “Trigger”. In their previous material, the five-piece managed to put up anthemic tunes from time to time, raging with slick guitar riffs and fearless drumming. But with the two opening tracks, we see sentimental value that is taken care of in their instrumentation and lyrics. Both have amazing choruses filled with pride and joy settled with the booming guitars and drums. There isn’t any sign of holding back, and you immediately recognise how the five-piece have taken such creative risks to place themselves in a vulnerable state from the very beginning.

Soaring with an incredible bass line in its introduction, “Fever” is one of the most atmospheric songs Deaf Havana have created to date. With its instrumentation and confronting lyrics, you feel enthralled by its honesty and the subtle, aggressive tone it has. Lead singer James Veck-Gilodi has stepped up in the game of writing lyrics that don’t hold back from his story, and as the record progresses, we see Veck-Gilodi prove to remain a passionate artist with his words. From his feelings of love, pain and self-realisation, in a way, the record is an introspective window to his life; burning bridges and starting over anew.

The rewarding lesson we learn from Deaf Havana is that though we were originally introduced to their post-hardcore roots in their debut record, Meet Me Halfway, At Least and saw the angsty-driven demeanor in their sophomore LP, Fools and Worthless Liars, there’s just something so effortless in All These Countless Nights. Whether you’re commuting from one place to another, have a falling out with your lover or simply needing serenity, All These Countless Nights rages through the waters and reaches a calm conclusion. It doesn’t try hard to be something else and reveals a deeper version of Deaf Havana. They still keep their roots intact but have evolved in countless ways, musically and lyrically.

There are gaps to fill when you’re a creative, constantly fighting this battle where you want to go through life in one piece. It isn’t so much about the survival, but the consistency of knowing that you’ll be okay in the end. All These Countless Nights wonders through the inconsistencies of life but manages to appreciate the quirks of what it is; it’s a passionate and fearless offering. It reveals the parts of Deaf Havana in their truest colours, letting go of what was once familiar and finally saying, “This is all me”.

All These Countless Nights is available January 27 via SO Recordings