Album Review: Cancer Bats “Searching For Zero”

Cancer Bats released their fifth studio album Searching For Zero last Friday the 13th and it definitely wasn’t a bad omen. Already grabbing a 4 star review from Rolling Stone Magazine from their 10 track LP, we can’t really say much more than- great minds think alike. Being produced by Ross Robinson who has worked with bands such as Selpultura, The Cure and Slipknot, Searching For Zero was always destined for great things.

Coming in hot with first song Satellites, it gives you the hook a listener needs to continue through the album, because who doesn’t a love a good gang vocal “woaah, wooah” with a super catchy chorus? With no second thoughts we were anticipating what the rest of the album held.

Cancer-Bats-Searching-for-Zero-cdBeelzebub is the fourth track and it slows the pace right down with a spacey, gritty, reverbed track that is so heavily riff driven the guitarist Scott Middleton should probably get a license to be able to handle a guitar like that. It is definitely one of the many stand out tracks for this album. For someone who might not necessarily like heavier music, you should check out this track as a starting ground.

The eighth track on the album Buds gives a perfect balance of old school rock and modern hardcore reminding us of a heavier twist on bands like Black Sabbath. It has a catchy riff and a drum beat that gets you moving.

Props to bassist Jaye Schwarzer for the amazing bass interlude at the beginning of Dusted.

The final track No More Bull Shit is nothing short of outstanding. It summed up the album perfectly with a balanced show of musicianship. It is such a tight song which we can see is going to be heavily crowd focussed at shows with angst fuelled lyrics being screamed to and from the audience. This song pushes through whatever you’re listening with and makes you feel what the singer Liam Cormier feels. No More Bull Shit should be a mantra for everyone.

Searching for Zero is an album that will grab you by the throat and throw you against the wall. It’s loud, it’s vicious and it’s heavy. It’s an album that any heavy music lover should have in their collection.