Album Review: Bench Press’ Self- Titled Debut

Bench Press are Poison City Records latest gem with their debut self-titled LP having been released last Friday and wow, this album is like a crisp breeze on a winters morning; fresh, cool, and awakening. With their success already reaching Triple J, it won’t be long until Bench Press will become a household name.

Bench Press have a fine way of collaborating a ton of elements from some of the greats of rock and punk music; Misfits, Nirvana, The Saints, The Clash- just to name a few. But with a beautifully intertwined sense of individuality, giving this little band from Melbourne a step up in the music game; something different.

This album is dirty, it is dingy, it is garage rock brought into a modern aspect but holding onto those foundations that have been held loyal and dear to the post-punk genre.

Bench Press would be the perfect soundtrack for a barbeque with your mates or a drive by the beach. It has a homely vibe, which when listening you almost sink into the music with complete comfortability.

The third track I Don’t Like You is a highlight from this record, the rawness and delivery of Jack Stavrakis’ voice is so poetic, and with that melded with a simplistic yet detailed instrumental track behind it, makes for a perfect heart-wrenching, head-bopping tune.

Bench Press is out now, so Hey Man, you should do yourself a favour and make this your weekend soundtrack!


Saturday August 5
The Bendigo, Melbourne

Brewtality Festival Appearance

Friday August 25
The Tote, Melbourne

With Batpiss, Gareth Liddiard

Friday September 1
Karova Lounge, Ballarat 

With Batpiss

Saturday September 16
Weekender Fest, Melbourne

With Clowns + Wet Lips + The Pink Tiles + Hoodlum Shouts + more!

Saturday September 23
The Old Bar, Melbourne (Album Launch Date!)

With Horace Bones + TV Haze + Local Coward

Friday September 29
Polyester Records, Melbourne

Free/ All-Ages Instore