10 Artists That Influence the World of Rat Boy

Essex-native Rat Boy has had a massive year having played Glastonbury and being awarded NME’s Best New Artist of 2016. So if you don’t know who Rat Boy is, now is your chance to familiarise yourself with his unique music style, that blend indie and hip-hop influence, as he has just released new EP Get Over It’,  via Ratbag Records/Warner. The Get Over It EP which is released on 12” vinyl is packaged with a zine featuring Rat Boy’s hand-drawn video storyboard for the accompanying video.

Rat Boy kindly took the time to share with Spotlight Report the artists who have had a significant influence on his life – ranging from skateboarders to photographers to film directors. Check it out below

  1. Mark Gonzales

A legendary skateboarder and artist, Mark used to skate street for Vision and then started Blind Skateboards as a fuck you or something. Now he runs Krooked skateboards… He’s been a huge inspiration.

  1. Artwork by Neckface
    Artwork by Neckface

    Kanye West

Kanye is massive in sampling and making forward thinking music and art, and I like the way he branches out into all forms of art. He’s not just a musician – he can be anything he wants. He has big ambitions and I respect that.

  1. Daniel Johnston 

When I was in school I watched the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston and I fell in love with it and the way he works – his music and his art and how it’s all done in his home. He’s a unique artist and one of a kind.

  1. Neckface

He is an artist who paints what he wants and does fucked up art and does not care what anyone thinks. He’s shock value and that’s what it’s about. He’s just a sick artist and I love his visuals.

5. Jamie Hewlett 

I grew up listening to Gorillaz and I thought the cartoons were all incredible and the visuals blew me away.

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