‘Wolf Creek 2’ Movie Review

Mick Taylor kills again!

Thanks to Roadshow Films, we had the chance to see Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek 2 before its Australian release. This is our review of the film, but – as usual – no matter what we say, we recommend that you still go to your local cinema and see the film because there is no better critic than yourself!

wolf-creek-2-image 2Australian cinema at one point was bigger than the Hollywood scene. It went to levels that studio’s in Hollywood would not even think about doing such as: firing live ammunition at actors or even blowing up a car 10 meters away from the crew and having to leave the camera on its tripod in order not be hit by the flying door. This era being called Ozplotation.

That’s right, Aussie cinema was insane during the 60’s – 80’s, even to the point of inspiring the king of indie film Quentin Tarantino. Enough of the history. Wolf Creek 2 is a classic look back at what Australian cinema was. It’s Gore, Swearing, Violence and even its sexual violent tones are the examples it shows how it is showing new age cinema goers what they missed out on.

wolf-creek-2-image 1Wolf Creek 2 returns with our “Hero” Mick Taylor played with Aussie cinema immortal John Jarrat. He comes across some back packers who are on their way to Wolf Creek, of course.

The film takes its typical course of horror from here but does offer a decent amount of twists that will make audiences question what will happen next. It also offers an amazing amount of gore that will make movie goers sweat and squirm in their chairs.

Wolf Creek 2 reminds audiences what did make the Ozplotation cinema brilliant with its dark humour that questions fans why am I laughing at this sick guy? The film is a great sequel that fans of the original can appreciate and new fans can feel like they didn’t need to see the original but will want to after this.

Wolf Creek 2 is now showing in Australian cinemas