The Intern – Movie Review

Thanks to Warner Bros. we had the chance to see ‘The Intern’ before its national release. This is our review of the movie, but as usual, no matter what we say, we still recommend you to go and see it at your local cinema because there is no better critic than yourself!

Intern1When 70 year old widower Ben (Robert De Niro) sees an ad for senior interns at an online fashion company, he decides to give it a shot. Ben gets offered the internship and he ends up becoming the personal assistant to the company’s stressed manager Jules (Anne Hathaway). As this successful entrepreneur is used to doing everything herself, she initially doesn’t appreciate her new intern all that much.

Intern2Ben soon becomes increasingly popular amongst his younger colleagues, and he even seems to find love with the company’s in-house masseuse (Rene Russo). It gives the 70-year-old trainee a sense of fulfillment he hadn’t experienced in a long time. The only thing lacking is appreciation from his new manager. When Jules seems unable to handle her ever-increasing workload, Ben reveals himself to be her guardian angel. As he had a successful business career before his retirement, he knows how to send Jules in the right direction and prevent her from making mistakes that would affect her company. With his decades of business experience and life experience, Ben helps his new boss in getting both her professional life and her personal life back on track.

Intern3Although the trailer for ‘The Intern’ made the film look like middle-of-the-road fluff, the actual film is rather enjoyable. Sure it’s a bit sentimental and it unashamedly goes for the heartstrings, but director Nancy Meyers steers clear from going over the top. Together with the great performances from her two leads, Meyers manages to keep ‘The Intern’ entertaining and genuinely heartwarming throughout.

The film also has some nice lessons, as Ben’s much-appreciated analog advice to his younger digital colleagues is applicable to us all: sometimes all you need to do to get a clearer perspective on things is just step away from your computer or your mobile phone for a moment, it really can be that easy!

Only towards the end the film gets a bit slow, as the focus shifts to Jules’ personal life, which is not as interesting as Ben’s interactions in the workplace. Overall ‘The Intern’ is an entertaining movie that most people with office jobs will be able to relate to. Sadly the people that would benefit the most from watching this film probably won’t get to see it, as they are too busy working overtime.