‘The Inerasable’ JFF 2016 – Movie Review

 Thanks to our friends from the Japan Foundation Australia, we had the chance to see an advanced screening of the mystery-horror film ‘The Inerasable’ directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (The Magnificent Nine). The film is part of The Japanese Film Festival 2016 now showing around the country.

the-inerasable-2Kubo (Ai Hashimoto), a young architecture student, moves to a new apartment complex to live on her own. When she senses a presence in her room, Kubo decides to write about her experiences to a horror-novelist named I (Yuko Takeushi), who writes ghost stories based on her readers’ real-life stories. 

In her letters, Kubo tells I that every time she is not looking directly into the room, she hears strange noises and that one day she sees a kimono sash sweeping over the tatami floor. Now intrigued by the case, I helps Kubo to dig up information regarding past murders or people who have died in the surrounding locations. All of these leading to a horrific curse that has been taking victims for decades. 

 Japanese horror has become one of the most successful genres following the international success of ‘Ju-on’ and the ‘Ringu’ franchise. Director Nakamura brings ‘The Inerasable’ to life; but it is not a horror movie per se, and instead plays more like a thrilling mystery investigation with some mild horror scenes. the-inerasable-1

Hashimoto and Takeushi are tremendous as the main characters pull you in to wanting to see the ending of the film.

The special effects are really basic and don’t deliver any chill factor. In fact, for most of the film you are waiting for something scary to happen that sadly never does. Moreover, the odd web found while digging the facts makes the story difficult to follow at some points. However, the filming effects in the scenes that show the past are really well done and are effective at adding pleasing ambience.  

Overall, ‘The Inerasable’ is a good film to watch if you like a bit of horror and lots of detective work. 

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