The French Film Festival is here again!

aff smallThe 27th edition of the French Film Festival will take place across Australia over the next few weeks. The biggest number of screenings will take place in Sydney and Melbourne, where the festival will run from the start of March to the 24th. But there are also heaps of films showing across the country, so check for your local edition. Opening film this year will be the heart-warming “dramedy” Rosalie Blum by Julie Rappeneau, plus the festival gets some impressive backing as renowned Film critic David Stratton and legendary filmmaker George Miller will be this year’s patrons.


bnt2A few other highlights worth mentioning are ‘The Brand New Testament‘, which was Belgium’s submission for the Foreign Language Oscar last year. Although it did not make the last five at the Oscars, the surrealistic comedy did get a nomination for Best Foreign Comedy at the Golden Globes. The Tagline for ‘The Brand New Testament’ is “God is alive and lives in Brussels” and that is the premise of the film; we see God in the shape of a cranky middle-aged white man, who comes up with rules of life like ‘The other line is always quicker’ and ‘You’ll only break the dishes after washing them’ just to annoy people. When God’s daughter has had enough of her dad’s pranks she decides to release the death dates of all the people in the world, kicking off a whole bizarre series of developments. This quirky comedy is showing in most cities, check here for listings.


microbe 2Also worth pointing out is Michel Gondry’s new movie ‘Microbe & Gasoline‘. The eccentric artist famous for his creative and often surrealistic imagery delivers a relatively down-to-earth coming of age film about two outcast teenage boys who go on a roadtrip. As it is still a Michel Gondry-film they do so in a self-built contraption that is like a house and vehicle at the same time. Although the visual wizard does not reach the heights of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ or ‘Be Kind Rewind’ here, fans will still be interested to check out his newest release, so check here to see when it is playing in your town.