‘The Emoji Movie’ Review

Thanks to Sony Pictures Releasing for the chance to see ‘The Emoji Movie’ before its national release. This is our review of the movie, but as usual, no matter what we say, we still recommend you to go and see it at your local cinema because there is no better critic than yourself!

It’s a brave studio who makes a film on a paper-thin premise, baiting pun-hungry critics with a main character who is literally a ‘Meh’ – a visual exclamation of mediocrity.

But it is painfully evident, that no-one involved in The Emoji Movie cared enough to realise the irony here, as this film, for lack of a better description, is a stinking pile of ?.

Directed by Tony Leondis, ‘The Emoji Movie‘ is the latest in a long line of ‘trend-chasing’ movie-making. The tax we pay for every great licenced film like, ‘The Lego Movie’, or ‘Wreck-It Ralph’, is suffering through films such as ‘Angry Birds’, or ‘Trolls’.

But even by those low standards, The Emoji Movie is a swing and a miss, reading as a poor man’s Toy Story for the tech age; overstuffed with product placement and pointless parable.

The story follows Gene (Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller) – an emoji with the abnormal ability to be multi-expressional. When ‘expressing himself’ causes near catastrophe within the mobile phone Gene inhabits, he embarks on a voyage to the cloud, seeking to be reprogrammed as a ‘normal’ emoji.

The plot reeks of the Hollywood ideas machine running on fumes. It jolts between plot points, feeling like a handful of tech puns flimsily strung together and stretched to 90 minutes. And while the child-like appeal is sure to put little bums on seats, and make millions from merch, it offers little for the parents who have to suffer alongside.

That’s a big ? from us.

The Emoji Movie – Now Showing in Cinemas