‘Tag’ JFF15 Movie Review

Thanks to the Japan Foundation, we had the chance to see Sion Sono’s “TAG” ahead of its debut in Australian cinemas at this year’s Japanese Film Festival.

tag-2015The film follows young Mitsuko, who suddenly starts experiencing some weird events, including an invisible force capable of cutting people in half and killer teachers wielding machine guns. However, soon enough Mitsuko, with the help of her friends, begins to understand that what she is seeing are alternate universes. In these universes, she can be other people, from a marathon racer to a bride and so on, and she must face the most twisted menaces, since she apparently has the power to restore balance.“TAG”is a very weird, yet fun, film that starts with a blast (and plenty of gore) and ends with an unnecessarily complex twist, which may disappoint many viewers and leave them with a huge question mark.The film is divided into many mini-stories, in which our protagonist moves from one reality to another, sometimes even changing bodies.

There are some memorable moments, especially those involving “the wind” at “the wedding.” However after an hour of fun, the film’s ideas become a bit muddled, and the introduction of new characters in the final 45 minutes also serves to make the ending slow, confusing and even annoying.

Ultimately, it comes off as being pretentious.Overall, “TAG” is a good hour of weird and well-made Japanese cinema, only ruined by a finale that does not make any sense.

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