Star Trek Into Darkness: Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment, we had the chance to see the marvellous Star Trek Into Darkness in Blu-Ray, weeks before its official Australian release in stores.

In this review we will focus more on the stunning special features on the Blu-ray. If you want to find out more about the plot, totally spoiler free, just check our movie review for the film here.

redplanet star trekAs expected director JJ Abrams once again amazed audiences with Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel of the highly acclaimed box office hit from 2008.

The story follows Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and the enterprise crew in one of the most dangerous missions so far as they must hunt and stop a one man weapon of mass destruction capable to change the fate of the galaxy.

With this premise, Abrams and the Bad Robot team were faced with the challenge of on the one hand including more references to the classic saga, while at the same time reinventing the background story of some key characters in order to create a fan loyal but new space adventure.

volcano-star-trekAs a consequence the first feature on the Blu-ray take us to the opening scene of the film, set in a volcanic red planet, where Kirk and Bones (Karl Urban) are running away from some natives, all in classic Trek style. However, the most surprising thing here is the fact that most of this planet was built with little use of CGI. It’s impressive to see the scale of the set as well as the months of the preparation with the prop team creating the red vegetation of the planet leaf by leaf.

Following this scene we are introduced to the creation of the volcano scene where Spock (Zachary Quinto) had to work surrounded by real fire made by the pyrotechnic team.

Obviously a fan favourite is the Klingon world, where Abrams put his imagination to the challenge, coming up with a brand new concept showing a planet in ruins after so many battles. We also get to see the process of creating the right look for these iconic characters. In addition, Zoe Saldana shows off her amazing language skills by speaking perfect Klingon dialect with the help of some experts.

One of our favourite features is the one about Benedict Cumberbatch. Especially the way he approached his character and the peculiar way of how he got the role, initially not even knowing who he was playing.

Some interesting looks behind the scenes also take us to the fleet meeting massacre and how Abrams decided to drop the use of CGI as much as possible here, having a real spaceship with lights pointing through the window, followed by explosive walls and practical props.

The last feature takes a look at the spectacular space jump where Kirk and Cumberbatch‘s character must travel at high speed with their space suits from one ship to another. The two most surprising things here are the location it was filmed, in a wood warehouse with natural light and almost no makeover from the Bad Robot team, and the complex way it was filmed; both actors were  literally hanging in front of a green screen having to imagine every single thing among them.

Star Trek Into Darkness in Blu-Ray is a must have for fans of the franchise and sci-fi lovers are guaranteed to get their minds blown, not only because of the high quality of the film, but also because of the insights into what happened behind the scenes in order to bring back this saga to the big screen with the unique touch of JJ Abrams and Bad Robot.

Star Trek Into Darkness –  In stores on Triple Play, 3d Superset, Dvd And Digital September 18, 2013