“Spy” Movie Review

Thanks to 20th Century Fox we had the chance to see Paul Feig‘s ‘Spy’ before its Australian cinematic release. This is our review of the film, but – as usual – no matter what we say, we recommend that you still go to your local cinema and see the film because there is no better critic than yourself!

spy movie 2015 still 2Devoted CIA desk agent, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy), works behind the scenes to help dashing field agent, Bradley Fine (Jude Law), complete his missions. However, Susan helplessly watches Rayna (Rose Byrne) kill Fine on camera while he is carrying out what will be his final mission. To make things worse, the Bulgarian beauty has a nuke in her possession and is on the move to find a good buyer.

Rayna has eyes on every single CIA field agent which makes it impossible for the US to take action and retrieve the nuclear weapon. Susan volunteers to find and report her actions (as nobody will recognise her as an agent) as a way of paying tribute to her beloved Fine.

spy movie 2015 still 3After a rushed plan and aided by a reluctant CIA, her boss (Alisson Janney) decides to prep her with the most ridiculous outfits and some small secret weapons for the mission, while Susan’s best friend, Nancy (Miranda Hart), supports her through the intercom on her European mission.

Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) teams up one more time with Melissa McCarthy, giving her a deserved lead role in this action comedy. ‘Spy’ manages to put together a very entertaining plot full of action and suspense, as seen in old espionage thrillers, but with a comedic twist only seen in Mel Brooks’ classic films.

spy movie 2015 still 1McCarthy is fitting for the role. This time, she bypasses the classic foul-mouthed display that her roles usually involve in order to express softer emotions and moments of vulnerability; and, throughout the film, her insecurities work to unravel her inner secret agent. She is not only great in her role, but is also supported by a great cast including Rose Byrne, whose comedic moments are quite remarkable in every scene with McCarthy, as well as the always tough Jason Statham, who plays CIA agent, Rick Ford.

‘Spy’is comedy loaded with laughs and good fun. Feig’s unique irreverence and astonishing action sequences will definitely make an impression on the audience.

‘Spy’ opens in Australian cinemas on the 21st of May.