‘Solomon’s Perjury’ Parts I & II JFF 2015 Review

Thanks to the Japan Foundation, we had the chance to see both parts of the suspenseful drama “Solomon’s Perjury” ahead of its debut in Australian cinemas at this year’s Japanese Film Festival.

Solomon’s Perjury is a 4.5 hour-long film divided into two parts: Suspicion and  Judgement; and it follows a chain of events unleashed after the mysterious death of a young student on Christmas eve, who supposedly jumped from the roof of his school (which the police ruled as a suicide).

Solomon's-Perjury-1However, things change when a series of anonymous letters are sent, pointing the finger at the main school bully as being the one who perhaps committed the murder.

Frustrated by the lack of information and possible miscarriage of justice, a group of students decides to hold its own school trial in order to discover the truth, even if their final verdict legally amounts to nothing.

Solomon’s Perjury is one of those slow, yet addictive films that don’t allow you to miss a single detail, while you make up your mind as to who the potential killer(s) are. It also challenges the viewer’s hypotheses right until the end.

The young cast do an impeccable job, especially Hiroya Shimizu who portrays Ooide, the accused, and who literally is a creepy bully until the end, as well as Anna Ishii who plays the role of Juri, a student victim of Ooide’s bullying who seeks revenge.

Overall, this is a film with an excellent narrative, young talent and a finale which, despite becoming a bit obvious, manages to surprise viewers.

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