‘Scare Campaign’ DVD Review

The new Aussie Horror Jewel!

Thanks to Madman, we finally got our hands on Cameron and Colin Cairnes’ (100 Bloody Acres) new horror film, Scare Campaign,” on DVD.

The reality TV crew behind the most successful prank show, Scare Campaign”, is forced by their boss to push the show to the limits of sanity. A series of online videos are released, featuring masked individuals partaking in diabolical ceremonies and live executions. What nobody realises, however, is that everything being done by the masked men is 100% real.

In order to keep their jobs, the team decides to devise the ultimate prank to take place in an abandoned mental asylum. What is supposed to be the prank with the biggest reveal ever goes totally wrong, and instead becomes the deadliest joke ever filmed.

Australian genre films are usually hidden gems, with films like 100 Bloody Acres and even the AACTA award-winning The Babadook flying under the radar in our local cinemas, but going on to become highly successful in foreign markets and the home entertainment arena. Sadly, Scare Campaign has followed the same pattern, with a limited release in cinemas, despite its superb quality, solid cast, clever practical effects, fantastic props and clever, yet simple, script which is vastly superior to many Hollywood horror blockbusters.

scare-campaign-dvd-review2Scare Campaign is in ways a cinematic triumph; and what’s best, it moves away from the repetitive clichés usually found within the horror genre. It features a strong female lead who does not need to run half naked and covered in blood to shine on screen, a solid supporting cast, including The Visit’s Olivia DeJonge, Home & Away’s Josh Quong Tart and Underbelly’s Ian Meadows, each of whom is an asset to the film. None of the cast members are forced into a clichéd comedy relief-type character, and the excellent gore and plot twists will have viewers at the edge of their seats.

The DVD also includes some fantastic extra features, such as a behind the scenes segment, offering a closer look at the practical effects behind the killings, as well as interviews with the cast and crew and footage of the Sydney Q&A, making this release the complete pack.

Overall, Scare Campaign is a solid piece of horror and at the very least deserves an AACTA nomination. The film is a solid testament to the fact that clever writing and passion can sometimes surpass even the biggest Hollywood productions. This is a must-own release – don’t forget to support the Australian film industry!

Scare Campaign – Out now on DVD
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