Robocop Blu-ray Review

With mixed reviews after its cinematic release, José Padilha‘s version of Robocop hits stores on DVD and Blu-Ray and includes some never before seen footage about how the creators approached this remake.

Based on 1987’s cult classic of the same name, Robocop follows police officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) who, after being declared legally dead, is taken to be part on a new experimental project in order to create the ultimate law enforcer that is part human and part machine.

If you want to find out more about the film, please check our movie review here as we will be focusing on the extra features this time.

robocop bdThe crystal clear audio and video quality of this Blu-Ray, give us an inside look at the genesis of the film and the director’s vision as he focuses on the unexplored conflict of Alex Murphy, who struggles to accept his lost humanity and his new identity as a machine. The new Robocop takes a very interesting direction in the development of the conflict that is inherent in the films protagonist.

Other fantastic extra features include a showcase of all the Omnicorp products and some must-see features that explain in detail the creation of the suit, the weapons and the training Joel Kinnaman has to have in order to shoot like a pro for the film.

Overall, a solid home entertainment release, with its only weakness being the, arguably obvious, inability to live up to the superior popularity and quality of the original 1987 picture. It loses something being only a PG13 and specifically lacksthe violence and impact of its predecessor, leaving it woefully short of becoming a cult classic in its own right.

Robocopis now available on DVD and Blu-Ray