‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Review

Thanks to Universal Pictures we had a chance to see ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ before its cinematic release. This is our review of the film, but – as usual – no matter what we say, we recommend that you still go to your local cinema and see the film because there is no better critic than yourself!

The third installment of the a cappella franchise sees the return of the Bardem Bellas during their lives after college. None of them is living the dream, instead they’re struggling with bad jobs and barely ever seeing each other.

The group meets once again to watch a performance of the new generation of Bellas and they’re reminded how much they miss singing together. Ex-Team Leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) proposes they go on a Tour to entertain the US Army, after convincing her father to open a spot in the band competition for them.

The Bellas give it a go and join the US Army’s European Tour. After checking the other bands with a classic Riff-off, the Bellas find their competition from bad girl ‘Calamity’ (Ruby Rose) from the female rock band ‘Ever Moist’, a hip hop band and an indie rock band, who clearly know their game.

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ follows the same formula we’ve seen before: a few performances, a competition and, of course, the sisterhood.

The entire female cast is back for the film, while the boys has been dismissed in the first part of the film. The girls put together a few great performances and a big teary finale. Rebel Wilson’s once again steals the shows with her hilarious one-liners.

Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp and Brittany Snow have their own small storylines, while Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are back as the commentators, this time following the Bellas to make a documentary.

The franchise also adds John Lithgow as Patricia’s, aka Fat Amy, criminal lost father, adding more daddy issues to the film. Despite this, Lithgow brings some funny moments and is always a pleasure to watch.

As usual the film centers in the strong sisterhood of the Bellas, but without committing to a complicated plot.

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ brings a lots of laughs and even a little action at the end of the film, however doesn’t live up to the promise of the previous films.

Don’t miss the last performance of The Bardem Bellas!

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ hits Australian cinemas on New Year’s Day.