Russell Brand’s “Arthur”- movie review

Thanks again to our friends of Roadshow films we watched “Arthur” before the film hit cinemas. Check our movie review and remember there is no absolute truth in any review, you have to go to your local cinema and watch the film because there is no better critic than yourself!

Director Jason Winer (Modern family TV series) brings the hilarious Russell Brand (Get him to the Greek) as “Arthur”, a remake of Steve Gordon’s 1981 film.

The story has a simple plot, a drunken billionaire playboy, played by the British comedian, has to give up his wild ways and marry Susan, a wicked woman (Jennifer Garner – Alias, Daredevil) who is a social climber. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose his inheritance. The problem is after he accepts the marriage; he falls in love with a sweet NY tour guide and has to decide between his money and true love.

The film has plenty of funny moments, and it’s obvious if you have somebody like Brand on the screen, but there is also another character who also made the film more interesting as it goes on; that is Arthur’s nanny played by Helen Mirren (The Queen, Red) who shows another facet, keeping her elegant acting in a great level and at the same time making the public smile more often. The two have an amazing chemistry and their interactions are some of the best parts of the film. Mirren brings a strong presence to the film, which is the perfect balance to Brand’s chaotic one.

Another important character is Greta Gerwig (No strings attached), the love interest of Brand in the film, a role with a lot of expectations if you consider the fact that Liza Minnelli played the same role in the original. Geraldine James (Sherlock Holmes) portrays Arthur’s mother Vivienne, a woman who has grown tired of her son’s shenanigans and Jennifer Garner playing “the evil” bride who wants the money of Arthur’s family.

The movie is a good remake, and pretty much so, as Russell Brand told the Sydney’s press conference that Dudley Moore was his idol and he had so much respect for him and the original film. So he was totally inspired doing it.

The film itself is an “Arthur” for this generation with lot of “Brand’s moments”. It is a worthy remake.

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Arthur hits cinemas on Thursday April 21th

Don’t wait and go to see “Arthur” and give us your personal opinion.