‘Becky’ Movie Review

Becky is a violent, bloody, entirely ridiculous piece of schlock that’s guaranteed to entertain a certain kind of viewer. The stunt-casting of Kevin James as the leader of a neo-Nazi gang is one of the least crazy things this film has to offer.

Becky (Lulu Wilson) is a sullen, impossible teenager who goes on holiday with her father (Joel McHale), his girlfriend (Amanda Brugel) and her son (Isaiah Rockcliffe) when a group of convicts led by Dominick (Kevin James) escapes and holds the family hostage. Becky, stuck outside the house, exacts grisly revenge on each of the gang-members in ways that would leave Kevin McAllister comatose with horror.

This is, of course, utterly laughable. It starts off very convincingly as a thriller, with some stunning editing and a streak of shockingly cruel violence. But, when thirteen year-old Becky goes on the warpath, it becomes both disappointingly and amusingly silly. It’s not quite clear what the tone was supposed to be, as there are far too many moments that are innately comical, where others are genuinely horrifying. It feels as though they only realised that pitting a kid against grown men was inadvisable halfway through filming and decided to pretend it was all a joke. Some of the deaths are Evil Dead-level over-the-top, while some are really grotesquely vivid. This film doesn’t make much sense on any level in terms of plausibility; it’s just here to make you cheer as a little girl brutally dispatches despicable villains with the maximum possible vindictiveness. Beyond its admittedly fun shock-factor it’s all rather stupid, with corny one-liners and characters behaving unlike any normal human would.

Should you give it a go? If you enjoy overcranked B-movie violence for its own sake, sure. If not, you may want to avoid this little monster.