Battle: Los Angeles – Movie Review

Jonathan Liebesman’s “Battle: Los Angeles” is so far, one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year, with an amazing viral online campaign to promote the film.

Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) is ready to retire, but unfortunately for him the repercussions of a previous campaign in Afghanistan where he lost some men are following him and at the same time he is not at the age to have new recruits.  Before he retires and become a civilian, the alien invasion starts, landing onto the coastline of every major city worldwide including Los Angeles.  Michael Nantz, came on duty and placed under the command of a total inexperienced 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez, seen previously in Transformers the revenge of the Fallen). Because of the Afghanistan campaign, Sergeant Nantz is not really welcomed among his fellow soldiers but they can totally ruled him out since he is the most experienced soldier in the group. The Mission: rescue civilians from a police station and bring them back to safety before the  military bombs hit the area.

The film has a total realistic focus, with cameras placed in a “news and live action mode”, like in real war. The flick quickly introduces all the main characters and their relationships at the start. The film is not only focused on the alien’s objective of massacring the humans but it has some emotional moments as well, even reminding of an action war film like “Black Hawk Down”.

The designs of the props such as that of the ships and the aliens are also unique with a Mix of Biomechanical styles. It also shows the invader as an enemy that is “hard, but not impossible to kill” if the plan is with a good strategy.  All the elements of a “War” movie are there.

There is one great scene SPOILER ALERT that we need to mention. It is when Nantz decapitate an alien corpse in order to find their weak point, a scene made more for a pragmatic purpose rather than  a total “visual and tragic” scene to show the aliens.

Clearly the director of the film (Liebesman) wanted to put a lot of the realism of a war movie on the film, and he really achieved it in this one. Instead of showing typical “American heroes” that focused on the cause of battle, he tapped into the emotions that surround the film, using the importance of brotherhood among the marines and their interactions with civilians. All of these are a product of a well chosen cast, starting with Aaron Eckhart who really delivered an outstanding performance.

The technical level of the film is just perfect, with realistic special effects the entire time. The production team  also did a great job on the sound that will keep you on your toes while watching this and finding yourself thinking that you are part of the film alongside with  the band of soldiers to complete their mission.

Battle: L.A. is a non-stop action film that takes all the best things about war and alien films molded into one that will make the public have a really good time while watching it.

Don’t wait and go to see Battle: Los Angeles…for sure you will have a great time packed of action and entertainment fighting against the Aliens!

The movie will hit cinemas in Australia this Thursday  March 17, 2011.

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