The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Review

A Respectful Film Adaptation

Thanks to Roadshow films, we got a chance to see the new film ‘Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ starring  Lilly Collins, Jamie Campbell Bowler and Jonathon Reyes Myers based on the first novel of the hugely popular series of six, young adult fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare. This is our review of the film, but – as usual – no matter what we say, we recommend that you still go to your local cinema to see it because there is no better critic than yourself!

MortalInstruments_c#41B39C3.JPGSet in Brooklyn, New York the movie begins with your very average teenager who leads a very average life. Not too long into the film the audience finds out that this really isn’t as average as it appears.

The protagonist, Clary Fray (Lilly Collins), is being stalked by a symbol that is haunting her at every turn. A symbol that only a select few can see, excluding her best friend who is a ‘mundane’ (a term used to describe humans).  After experiencing quite a traumatic event in which she believes she witnesses a murder, the symbol makes its self more evident in her life, with the addition of man, Jace ( Jamie Campbell Bowler) lurking around her every corner.

mortal-instruments-city-of-bones image 2Soon after, Clary finds out that she descends from a line of warriors, who protect themselves and others from a variety of demons. She learns of this at around the same time she learns her mother becomes taken and thus it becomes her mission to become part of the Shadowhunters – which is the group that Jace is part of. In doing so, she attempts to save her mother and put an end to such demons.

Without spoiling too much, it is an action filled movie; with many fight scenes involving vampires, werewolves and demons. These actions scenes where filled with a lot of drama. To offset all these actions scenes it has included her average teenage boy problems- with conflicting romances. In a typical ‘teen flick’ manner, the movie explores this with such cheesiness and clichés.

mortal-instruments-city-of-bones image 4A part from that, there is without a doubt that Lily Collins and her co-stars  Jamie Campbell Bowler and Robert Sheehan (who plays Simon, Clary’s best friend) deliver a good performance, really allowing us to empathizes with their characters as they go through different struggles and predicaments.

The movie kept things interesting, by breaking up the action by constant contrast of her ‘average’ New York life in the city to her new life in the City of Bones. This too added some much needed humour to the film. While the movie had so much potential, it’s final battle scene dragged for longer than necessary. As a result, the movie began to become bizarre and incest. There was far too much happening in the film, and nothing was delved in with any depth.

Overall, the movie whilst action-packed, was lackluster with a less than mature tone, this film falls into the many other teen-movie clichés of its category.

‘Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’  opens in Australian cinemas 22 August, 2013