‘Lust For Sight’ Teaches Us A Valuable Lesson On Vision

Lust For Sight is a moving autobiographical story that is a must-watch for all, documenting interesting interviews and following the journey of a man who loses his sight of colour. Not many of us are lucky enough to have 20/20 vision – some are born blind and others lose their eyesight at a very young age. It’s traumatic for people to go through such things, but it would be ignorant to say that it didn’t happen.

We are lucky enough to have the technology and means to live a satisfying life. Some people’s research is profound, but when it comes to the eye, research seems staggering. There’s not much you can do on the surface, other than to participate in clinical trials and hope for the best. Imagine having little hope you’ll gain your vision again because you weren’t the best fit when it comes to a clinical trial. There’s so much at stake because you fill yourself up with hopes and dreams, only to have them crushed by rejection.

The people in this film are incredible and courageous individuals, living their life in a way where they don’t let their disability get the best of them. It’s tragic to hear their stories when they lived a life with sight, having to then live the rest of their years blind. But it’s also incredibly inspiring to hear their perseveranceĀ and strength when it comes to holding it together for the people they care about.

Lust For Sight is an important watch for all. It’s honest and profound in so many ways and helps uncover the truth of those struggling to get by without their eyesight at all. Many people struggle with day-to-day things in life, but with those who are visually-impaired, the story is different. It’s important to have empathy for those that have any kind of disability, but it doesn’t mean we should underestimate what they’re capable of.

Lust For Sight made its Australian Premiere at Sydney Film Festival on June 15