John Waters Selects Double Features From Hell

The flamboyant indie filmmaker, writer and actor will return to Sydney Opera House this October to present a film festival like no other. Based around the themes of ‘Shock’, ‘Terror’, ‘Goddess’ and ‘Sex’, prepare to be corrupted when John Waters unleashes his favourite extreme, feel-so-bad-you-feel-good movies.

In 2010 Waters’ presented his critically acclaimed sell out one man show This Filthy World as part of Mardi Gras. In his return to Sydney, audiences will be able to get up close and personal again through eight films across the weekend that have been handpicked by Waters and feature his own films and well as his selected favourites.  Each session incorporates two feature films, an introduction by Waters and a Q&A session following each screening.

Double Features From Hell will showcase two of Waters most popular cult films as well as other directors’ works which have become his obsessional favorites.  Exploring violence, terrorism, sexual desire, joyous self-destruction and both healthy and unhealthy deviancy, Waters provides a weekend of movie going that will excite and startle any ticket buyer.

John Waters is a legend among film fans, his Double Features From Hell are sure to make you cringe, laugh, avert your eyes and expand your horizons. So grab some popcorn and get ready for the film experience of your life.


Irreversible directed by Gaspar Noe (2002)
A terrifyingly brutal take on rape, revenge and, yes, intimacy that will leave you spinning in cinematic wonder.
“If you meet the director, ask him for your $10 back and punch him in the mouth” New York Daily Press
“A genuine outlaw work of art.” Washington Post.
Rated R 18 + (Graphic violence; Sexual activity; Strong sexual violence)

Antichrist directed by Lars von Trier (2009)
If Ingmar Bergman had committed suicide, gone to hell, and came back to earth to direct an exploitation/art film for drive-ins, this is the movie he would have made.
Rated R 18 + (High impact violence and sexual activity)


United 93 directed by Paul Greengrass (2006)
A real time account of the events on United Flight 93, one of the planes hijacked on 9/11 that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania when passengers attempted to foil the terrorist plot.
Rated M (Infrequent moderate coarse language; Moderate themes; Moderate violence)

Cecil B.Demented directed by John Waters (2000)
An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film.
Rated MA 15 + (Drug use; Medium level coarse language; Medium level violence)


Boom! directed by Joseph Losey (1968)
The best failed art film of all time!  Elizabeth Taylor as the richest woman in the world and Richard Burton as The Angel Of Death.  Beyond bad, the other side of camp – a film so genuinely beautiful and awful that there is only one word to describe it: perfect.
Rated PG (Infrequent mild coarse language; Mild themes)

Fuego directed by Armando Bo (1969)
The man who has been called “the Argentinean Russ Meyer” directs his cinematic goddess, Isabel Sarli, in this unintentionally hilarious and amazingly politically incorrect tale of nymphomania.
Rated R 18+ (Restricted to 18 or over)


Zoo directed by Robinson Devor (2007)
Jaw-droppingly sympathetic documentary about a man and his secret sexual encounter with a horse.
Rated R 18 + (High level themes)

A Dirty Shame directed by John Waters (2004)
Sylvia Stickles, an uptight, middle-aged, repressed woman turns into a sex addict after suffering a concussion.  Experiencing a carnal lust she cannot control, Sylvia teams up with an underground subculture of sex addicts in suburban Baltimore and fights an epic battle of decency vs depravity.
Rated R 18 +  (Adult themes; Sexual references)

ALL SESSIONS 18+ only (ID checked at door)

via. Sydney Opera House