‘IT’ (2017) Movie Review

Thanks to Roadshow Films for the chance to see ‘It’ before its national release. This is our review of the movie, but as usual, no matter what we say, we still recommend you to go and see it at your local cinema because there is no better critic than yourself!

The highly anticipated second adaption of Stephen King’s horror novel ‘IT’ is finally here! Delivering some great horror moments, funny one-liners and gruesome gore.

Set in the summer of 1989 in the small town of Derry Maine, a group of young misfits (also known as the Losers Club) make the gruesome discovery that an evil entity lives within their town (attacking every 27 years) killing children. The entity “IT” (or Pennywise the Clown) takes on many forms and prays on the fears of children.

Director Andres Muschietti (know for the horror film Mama) has perfectly captured the late 80’s feel and the fun, adventure and loss of childhood innocence which is at the heart of King’s novel. The film is in many ways a coming of age story as well as a gruesome horror tale. “IT” is a mix of “Stand By Me”, “Stranger Things” and “The Nightmare on Elm Street” all wrapped into one. The mix of genres is a bullet-proof formula for a highly enjoyable, spooky ride. In addition, ‘IT’ is filled with lighter comedy bits, these moments give a sense of relief from the horror themes and also perfectly capture the awkwardness of childhood.

In a film with scarcely any adults, all the kids in the “Losers Club” are fantastic! The stand outs are Jaeden Lieberher, playing the protagonist Bill Denbrough, and Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh. Unlike Tim Curry’s iconic and over the top, highly stylised interpretation of the clown character, Bill Skarsgård’s “IT” is a much more sinister and dark take. He does a great job of putting an original spin on a character which is truly frightening to watch.

The film’s only downfall is its lack of scares and repetitive pattern (you pretty much know when a loud scary sound will come) which audiences soon get used too. A kid sees a clown….it almost kills them but doesn’t, repeat. Despite these minour flaws, ‘IT’ does deliver a fair amount of blood, absent from the original film.

Overall, ‘IT’ is a triumph for genre films, and one of the best film adaptations to date, with the film paying tribute to the cult TV mini-series from the 90’s directed by Tommy Lee Wallace with some clever hints. This modern take on one of the cinema’s most scary creatures is set to become a new fan-favourite, it delivers a lot of pop-culture references; and in addition to the scares, it focus on themes of friendship, trust and the struggles of coming of age, making this release a multi-layered film which doesn’t purely focus on a sole obvious horror element. A must see…if you Dare!

‘It’ is floating in cinemas Now!