IRON MAN 3 – Sir Ben Kingsley in Negotiations to Play the Villain

With The Avengers just days away to be released, Marvel and Iron Man 3 director Shane Black have apparently chosen the villain of the new film with Variety reporting that Sir Ben Kingsley is now in final negotiations to take the spot.

Regarding the plot of Iron Man 3, it was confirmed that it will involve nanobot technology with a storyline based a bit on Warren Ellis’ Extremis series, where Tony Stark incorporates this technology into his suit, having to face a big issue in the form of a nanobot virus.

Back on the day, director Jon Favreau said the iconic Iron Man nemesis, The Mandarin was set to make his appearance in the third film. However, apparently it has been denied that Kingsley would be playing the Chinese scientist, and it’s rumored he will play a role that revolves around the spreading of  the nanobot virus.