Happy Death Day 2U Review

Thanks to Universal Pictures for the chance to see ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ before its national release. This is our review of the movie, but as usual, no matter what we say, we still recommend you to go and see it at your local cinema because there is no better critic than yourself!

Happy Death Day 2U is here, hoping to ride on the success of the first film Happy Death Day, a horror comedy that mixed Ground Hog Day and Scream. Happy Death Day 2U starts with Ryan, Tree’s friend from the first film, being hunted by the baby masked killer. Without giving away any spoilers, Tree finds herself replacing Ryan in the “killer” time loop, as she is once again reliving her birthday. However, this time she is stuck in an alternate version of the day and must decide whether to stay in this reality or return back.

Happy Death Day 2U has a different feel to the first film. The film has significantly less jump scares.  Fans who loved these moments in the original film will be left disappointed. The film focusses less on the baby masked killer and more on the alternate reality in which Tree is stuck.

Jessica Rothe is brilliant as Tree and succeeds in effortlessly carrying the absurd plot in an almost believable way. Tree’s comedic timing and delivery of quick one liners is what makes the series fun and enjoyable!

Even though these films are made purely for fun light entertainment, the explanation of the time loop and alternate realities is too absurd to look past. The film explains it in a way that one would expect in a Spy Kids film.

Happy Death Day was a fun horror/comedy flick that did not take itself too seriously. It delivered some jump scares, comedic moments and appealed to a YA audience. Although the sequel attempts to explore new themes of the “time loop universe” it feels like a quick cash grab due to the success of the first.

No doubt the cast and the crew had a great time making the film. Happy Death Day 2U succeeds in having comedic moments and exploring alternate realities in a refreshing way but ultimately its not worth your time and money!