‘Frankenstein’s Army’ Blu-Ray Review

‘Resident Evil meets The Blair Witch Project’

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see director Richard Raaphorst’s Frankenstein’s Army.

Frankenstein's-Army2Shot in Prague, Czech Republic , the film follows a group of Russian soldiers in the middle of World War II, whose orders are to rescue a fellow team that sent an S.O.S. message. Officer Dimitri has a direct order from Stalin to document this whole rescue mission on film.

What the Russian soldiers did not expect was to encounter some weird human remains along the way, a clear proof of Nazi-experiments to create the ultimate weapon…However, there is more than meets the eye.

Frankenstein’s Army, is another ‘found footage’ horror film, a format that became popular back in 1999 with The Blair Witch Project, followed by hits like the Paranormal Activity franchise and Josh Trank‘s hit film ‘Chronicle’.

Frankenstein's-Army1The plot is simple and it works; director Richard Raaphorst takes no more time  than necessary to introduce the main characters, after which the action erupts when he introduces the Nazi abominations that will hunt everyone down.

The cast consists of unknowns and some of them clearly don’t have much experience. However, they all do an acceptable job, helped by the fact that this film is the kind of B-Movie that can’t really be taken serious.

The best thing of the film are the weird bio-mechanical designs of the ‘Nazi-monster-soldiers’, with some of them resembling Nemesis from Resident Evil while others are more machines than organic beings, including a ‘Bioshock’-style character.

At its best, the film is tongue in cheek fun, that provides some great laughs some great old-school gory scenes. These are all very well made we must say, with no digital effects at all, but just good old handmade props. However, the biggest mistake of the movie is its title, as this already gives away the main twist in the plot. Especially when a Nazi hostage mentions “The result of the Doctor’s experiments”, this leaves nothing to the viewer’s imagination.

Frankensteins-Army-blurayAmong the Extras on the Blu-Ray there are some insightful behind the scenes-featurettes with the cast and the director of the film. These give you an inside look at the genesis of the movie, its challenges and much more, plus some spots featuring the creatures of the film.

Overall, Frankenstein’s Army is the ideal kind of film to gather round some mates, order pizza and get some beers in order to enjoy a fun modern B-Movie with plenty of gore that will give you more laughs than scares.

Watch the trailer here

Frankenstein’s Army is now available in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here.