“Fifty Shades of Grey” New Movie Clip

The Universal Sony marketing team have provided us with a new Fifty Shades of Grey movie clip ahead of the film’s home entertainment release.

The clip is about the Director of Photography, Seamus McGarvey. Various members of the cast talk about his incredible ability to make every frame look like a photograph and how important the power of the camera angle is in a film like 50 Shades of Grey where many scenes are intense or without dialogue, and therefore the tone of the scene is created almost completely from the camera angles. Sam Taylor-Johnson discusses having worked with McGarvey for over 15 years and how easy it was to work with someone when you both understand how each other work.

[embedvideo id=”00xOpSZD33E” website=”youtube”]

Fifty Shades of Grey – On DVD and Blu-Ray on 21st May