‘Enough Said’ Movie Review

Finding love when you least expect it

Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox, we had the chance to see the new romantic comedy ‘Enough Said’ directed by Nicole Holofcener and Academy Award winning producer Anthony Bregman, ahead of its Australian cinematic release, November 14th. This is our review of the film, but – as usual – no matter what we say, we recommend that you still go to your local cinema to see it because there is no better critic than yourself!

enough said image 1The romantic comedy follows the story of divorced mum Eva (played by Seinfeild’s Julia Louis Dreyfus) who spends her days working as a masseuse and looking after her daughter Ellen (Tracey Fairway) who is about to embark on a journey of her own as she prepares to depart from home and move away for college. Eva, thus, finds herself struggling to come to terms with life on her own for the first time.

As the departure becomes more imminent, Eva meets Albert (James Gandolfini in his last ever leading role), a television archivist, at party. Not immediately taken by Albert, Eva learns that Albert is in the same predicament as herself – with his own daughter also leaving the nest. As their relationship flourishes and they begin to develop strong feelings for each other, Eva befriends a new client, Marianne (Catharine Keener), who she met at the same party. Eva instantly feels a closeness to Marianne whose elegant life she admires and a lifestyle she aspires to have.

As these two relationships develop – Eva’s relationship with Albert, and her friendship with Marianne – these two separate parts of Eva’s life collides as she discovers the Marianne’s ex-husband is Albert. This becomes Eva’s dilemma as she has become Marianne’s confidant and as result listen to Marianne complaints unknowingly about her ex-husband and his disgusting habits. Eva, desperate to achieve the lifestyle that she admires in Marianne, begins to perceive her relationship with Albert differently. This becomes Eva major conflict through most of the film – but goes without a few awkward yet funny situations involving her friend’s intervention Sarah, played by Australia’s own Toni Collette.

enough-said-image-3The film showcases both leads, Julia and James’ brilliant performances, with excellent on screen chemistry- it wasn’t difficult to empathies with each of their characters. It was a different side of James Gandolfini, in his final role before his sudden death, that’s softer side as he plays the romantic lead – he brings wit to his character that makes it hard for the audience not to fall in love with him. Similarly, Julia’s combines hopefulness and vulnerability to her character. These performances largely contribute to the film’s success.

Overall,  ‘Enough Said’ is a witty, warm and entertaining comedy that is an insight into the optimism of finding love when you least expect it.

‘Enough Said’ – At the movies November 14