Emma Stone’s ‘La La Land’ New Trailer

From Academy Award nominated writer and director, Damien Chazelle (Whiplash), comes LA LA LAND, a
romantic modern classic in the spirit of the Hollywood musicals of old.

Set in the starry-eyed metropolis of Los Angeles, Emma Stone plays aspiring actress Mia, while Ryan Gosling
is struggling jazz musician Sebastian. The pair fall in love, and before they know it, their hopes and dreams are
intertwined in a fully-fledged romance. But just as the city brings them together, LA threatens to tear them apart.
In the cutthroat world of entertainment, Mia and Sebastian struggle to forge their own identities, and soon
discover the greatest challenge they face is balancing art and love.

[embedvideo id=”EbS5oNosaic” website=”youtube”]

In Cinemas, Boxing Day