DeepSea Challenge 3D – Review

DeepSea Challenge 3D is a documentary that follows scientist, explorer and Academy Award winning director James Cameron on his biggest personal adventure ever, as he attempts to conquer the deepest place of the ocean on board of the Deepsea challenger. This unique submarine is the first of its kind, capable to resist the pressure of the sea at the deepest depths.

DEEPSEACHALLENGE 2The documentary is directed by Ray Quint, who had to step up as a director after the horrible helicopter accident on the NSW South Coast where directors and sea explorers Andrew Wight and Mike deGruy passed away. This inspiring film follows the iconic ‘Avatar’ director’s and his passion for the sea, which he calls “his church”, as he pushes his own boundaries to become the first man travelling down into the Mariana Trench by himelf. This journey took a long time to accomplish with Cameron involved in every stage of the construction of the submarine, which was made in Australia by Acheron Project.

The film showcases some emotional scenes involving Cameron’s family, as well as stunning 3D underwater footage, showcasing some incredible aquatic species. However, don’t expect to see a full documentary about marine fauna, as the focus is on the construction, planning and testing of the submarine.

DEEPSEACHALLENGE 1It is extremely entertaining to also see how Cameron’s love for the sea is reflected his in his films, by showing his expeditions to the Titanic and some awesome behind the scenes footage from ‘The Abyss’, as well as visiting an area of Papa New Guinea that inspired Pandora in the Avatar -saga.

For many, this might look like a film too personal for Cameron, and some critics are even calling it as an egocentric film. We could not disagree more, since the purpose of this film is scientific, and it also aims to inspire future generations to follow their dreams, and fight for them; just like that little kid called James Cameron who idolised Jaques Cousteau and dreamed to conquer the ocean someday.

DeepSea Challenge 3D is now showing in selected cinemas across Australia.

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