Bereavement – DVD Review

Thanks to Sony Home Entertainment Australia, we had the chance to review Stevan Mena’s horror flick Bereavement on DVD.

Bereavement, the prequel to Malevolence (2005) is based on the story of six-year-old Martin Bristol (Spencer List) with a bizarre condition called CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis) which makes him immune to pain. Martin is kidnapped by a serial killer named Graham Sutter (Brett Rickaby) who is obsessed with this boy’s condition and forces him to witness how he kills people in an old slaughterhouse.

Five years later, Allison (Alexandra Daddario from Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief) moves in with her uncle Jonathan (Terminator’s Michael Biehn) following the death of her parents. While jogging near the old slaughterhouse, she sees a young boy in the window of the Sutter Meat & Poultry plant and decides to look for him, a decision that she will regret.

Young Spencer List is great in the film and he remains the central character even though he is not present most of the time and doesn`t have many dialogs. You just cannot help being intrigued by him and his weird relationship with his kidnapper.

Bereavement is an atmospheric film with good photography and color treatment which reminds us a bit what Rob Zombie did with his great remake of Halloween. In some creepy scenes where it shows a scarecrow with bull skull head in the farm environment gives the film a touch of Jeepers Creeper’s feel as well.

However, the movie falls into the typical teenager versus serial killer film as there are some very unnecessary sub plots, like a love affair between Allison and a local guy (Nolan Gerard Funk) unleashing the daddy issues between Allison and her uncle.

Overall, the film is a good serial killer flick to be enjoyed on DVD with all the necessary elements – an attractive girl, a madman, a creepy mysterious kid, a lot of blood and a very good twist at the end.

The DVD also features a really thorough making-of featurette where the director Stevan Mena explains how he made the film, some deleted scenes, director’s commentary and the theatrical trailer.

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Bereavement, available on DVD and Blu Ray February 22, 2012.