‘Baggage claim’ – DVD Review

Thanks to Fox Home Entertainment, we had the chance to see the romantic comedy Baggage Claim on DVD.

Baggage Claim 2The romantic flick, directed by David E. Talbert, tells the story of Montana (Paula Patton), a successful flight attendant, who has not been able to find the right man due to her busy lifestyle focused on her career.  Montana is harshly criticised by her, five times married, mother about her love life. With recent news of her little sister getting engaged, Montana panics about the idea of have to attend the wedding on her own.

Life isn’t that bad for Montana but that turns around, as things don’t go as expected with her boyfriend. After breaking up with him, she finds comfort from her friends, mostly her old childhood friend William and co-workers Gail and Sam. As it seems there is no choice to get a new man quickly in time for the wedding, it prompts Gail and Sam to come up with a crazy plan to meet all her ex’s flying through the country over the holidays. Montana and her airlines mates will push all boundaries to make her reconnect with any of them in order to get engaged before the wedding.

Baggage Claim 1In a film that feels like romantic comedies such as ’27 Dresses’,  ‘Life As We Know It’ or ‘The Wedding Date’Baggage Claim brings a dull story, filled with some funny moments through the representation of a diverse range of men with their peculiar characters. The movie not very memorable as none of the cast is incredible captivating or funny. Instead, the movie is full of clichés and follows a very repetitive formula.

Overall, if you just want to pass time by watching a light comedy – Grab the home edition of Baggage Claim out now on DVD and Blu-Ray. Additionally, you can enjoy the extra featurettes, which includes the cast and crew talking about the making of the movie, the story and audio commentaries.