Abducted – DVD Review

abducted 2Abducted finds a young couple on their way to visit some siblings, when they are suddenly attacked at a famous viewpoint and taken away to a secret location. When they wake up hours later, they are almost naked and without any knowledge of what is going on. Their captors only enter their cell in pitch black light to feed them and apparently to conduct some mysterious experiments.
Things become even more twisted when another couple awakes with them, convincing the scared protagonists that they are part of what seems to be an extraterrestrial research.
abducted 1Abducted is a movie that mixes the macabre suspense of films like ‘Saw’ with the silliness of typical teen-horror films. However, Abducted manages to keep the viewer interested for almost the entire film, as the desperation and lack of information experienced by Dave (Trevor Morgan) and Jessica (Tessa Ferrer) takes the suspense to the next level.
Unfortunately it all slowly falls apart in the last 20 minutes, as the rushed and rather obligatory ending doesn’t provide any explanation at all as to what really happened, which is something that might make the public frustrated.
Abducted is available in DVD 3 January 2014