100 Bloody Acres – DVD Review

“Wolf Creek Meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

100-bloody-acres-image 1The Proudly Australian made horror flick 100 bloody acres, which is set in the countryside, is the story of the brothers Reg and Lindsay Morgan (Damon Herriman and Angus Sampson) who are in the organic fertiliser business. They are by far the most successful entrepreneurs in their area thanks to their secret ingredient: human bodies.

Business is good for the brothers, until Reg decides to pick up three teenagers (Oliver Ackland, Jamie Kristian and Underbelly Razor’s Anna McGahan) whose car broke down on their way to a music festival.  Of course the kids have no idea that Reg intends to make them part of his biggest production of fertiliser up to that point, and this obviously might not end well for some of them.

100-bloody-acres-image 3100 bloody acres is an entertaining horror comedy with a good mix of gore and laughs, and it even manages to surprise the viewer thanks to some clever storytelling.  This is a great Aussie genre movie without any pretentions; the movie delivers 100% what the trailer promises.

The Aussie cast delivers decent performances around the board, with Damon Herriman and Anna McGahan carrying the weight of the film most of the time. Jamie Kristian is overdoing it sometimes since his character acts like the official smart-ass of the film who spends most of the movie on drugs.

100-bloody-acres-image 2The old school special effects are great, as directors Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes used as much props as possible; they even created real size puppets to shoot the goriest scenes.

The DVD includes a fantastic amount of extras, including interviews with the cast and crew, a gag reel with some hilarious mistakes during the production, The Morgan Brothers TV-ads and our favourite one: The SFX featurette. In addition to all that there are also some promotional trailers and screen tests.

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100 bloody acres will be available in Australian stores on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD from 11 December 2013 from Hopscotch Entertainment.