‘Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files’ Season 1 Review

Thanks to Madman we got to re watch a ’90s classic ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ (Yū Yū Hakusho), an excellent supernatural fight anime produced by Studio Pierrot, the studio behind Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and GTO. Yu Yu Hakusho’s original Japanese run was back in 1992.

Yusuke Urameshi is a 14 year-old student with a reputation of being a delinquent for brawling with everyone around him. One day while skipping school, he is killed by a car while trying to push a young kid out of the way. This one single selfless act gives Urameshi the opportunity to come back to life. There is a trick, though. After returning to life, Koenma, a toddler, son of the master of the underworld, names Urameshi an ‘Underworld Detective’, and he now has to pass his days defending the spirit realm and the human world by fighting powerful demons.

‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ is an addictive, action-packed fight-anime and obviously most of its action is centered around the fights and the strategies needed to defeat the powerful demons. However, the supernatural content and the charming Japanese folklore mixed with a heavy dose of humour are what makes Yu Yu Hakusho so special and a must-watch series.

The art is not exactly sublime but is well done by ’90s standards, with some animation reused a few times during the fights but nothing to be worried about. The English dub is good as well and there’s some debate that it might be even better than the original Japanese cast. The story is really well written and highly entertaining.

This first season doesn’t have many filler episodes, and the fights aren’t stretched out for ages like they do in other fight animes like Dragon Ball Z. Another thing that makes Yu Yu Hakusho so special is its excellent character development, which not only follows Urameshi’s character while he gets stronger but also develops its secondary characters, making their roles important for the story.

Overall ‘Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files’ is the first season of an all-time classic. The Blu-ray set includes 3 discs with episodes 01-28, just keep in mind that there are another three seasons to follow (plus some OVAs).

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