‘Wayward Pines’ DVD Review

“One of the most intense TV spectaculars since Lost”

Thanks to Fox Home Entertainment we finally got our hands on the M. Night Shyamalan produced TV hit, “Wayward Pines”, ahead of its August 26 Home Entertainment release.

wayward-pines-1The series follows secret service agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) who is tasked with searching for two missing agents in the remote town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. Bad fortune strikes, however, and Burke is involved in a car crash. When he comes to, he finds himself in hospital, being tended to by an enigmatic nurse (played by Melissa Leo) and under the orders of a peculiar Doctor (played by Toby Jones). Before long, Burke starts noticing the weird behaviour of all the locals, especially that of the town’s Sheriff (Terrence Howard) whose main role is to ensure that a peculiar set of rules are followed; and, in particular, he enforces the law forbidding anyone to leave.

wayward-pines-2“Wayward Pines”, is one of those rare discoveries that manages to draw viewers into an enigmatic alternate reality from the very first episode. The series has the magnetism of “Lost”: you just can’t stop watching it, and the ridiculous number of carefully crafted plot twists cause time to fly during the 10 episodes (believe us – we watched the whole season in one day).

The cast, special effects, script and music score are all superb. Moreover, Juliette Lewis makes a triumphant return to the small screen, playing a very interesting secondary character.

wayward-pines-3In addition, The DVD for season one includes a couple of interesting features, including behind-the-scenes snipets, interviews with the cast and producer M. Night Shyamalan, and much more.

Overall, “Wayward Pines” is like the perfect TV cocktail, in which bartender M. Night Shyamalan blends dashes of “Lost”, “The Walking Dead”,  “The Village”, “The Wicker Man” (1973) and “Lord of the Flies”(1963) in order to deliver a refreshing, suspenseful and, at times, scary mix that is certain to  mesmerise everyone.

Wayward Pines – Available on DVD August 26, 2015