‘Scream Queens’ Season 1 Review

Welcome to Wallace University where choosing the right sorority can be a life or death decision!

Kappa Kappa Tau is the sorority to join…if you are rich, skinny, and good looking. Newly promoted Dean, Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), is determined to introduce some diversity to the ranks of this uber elite sorority house much to the horror of Kappa house president and all around queen bitch, Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) and her band of minions, “The Chanels”.

scream-queens-season-1-review1For the new pledges hell week quickly becomes a fight for survival as a costumed serial killer sets his sights on the Kappa house. Evidence quickly points to the killer seeking revenge for a cover-up that took place in the Kappa house 20 years ago. Can the girls survive long enough to unmask the Red Devil?

From the creator of American Horror Story and Glee, Scream Queens brings together a who’s who of stars to tread the fine line between slasher flick and comedic spoof. Headed up by the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis, this show is a star spotter’s dream. It’s fairly hard to miss some of these big name former teen stars: Emma Roberts (as Chanel Oberlin), Ariana Grande (as Chanel #2), Abigail Breslin (as Chanel #5), Lea Michele (as Hester Ulrich), Keke Palmer (as Zayday Williams), and Nick Jonas (as Boone Clemens).

jamie-lee-curtisSharp-eyed slasher fans will notice homages to some of the most renowned classics of the genre including; Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Shining. Special attention appears to have been paid to weapon choices throughout the season to help create these ties to the classics; chainsaws, butcher’s knives, and machetes all make appearances as the Red Devil’s weapon of choice.

For fans of behind-the-scenes look ins, the special features on the final disc in the set include mini interviews conducted by the cast and an introduction to the mastermind behind the Chanels’ on-set wardrobe.

Well worth a watch for fans of spoof movies.

Season 1 of the killer comedy-horror, Scream Queens is out on DVD August 24.