‘Orphan Black’ Series 3 Review

BBC America’s award winning series Orphan Black’s third instalment has all the twist, turns and drama that any fan of the Clone Club could desire with the DVD already having been released in stores late last month.

Through this chapter of the saga, we continue to follow the sisterhood of Sarah, Alison, Helena and Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) through the new discoveries of the top secret Castor- Leda project when they come to the realisation that the special bond between them may not be so individual- discovering their “brothers”, the Castor Clones aswell as more characters to be discovered. After beginning to feel like they’re just finding their feet with their allies and enemies, relationships are thrown up and down in the air, with more back stabbing than a group of high school girls. The decision to find the original leads the Clones on a quest which proves to not be an easy one.

orphan-blacks3-still1Episode after episode gave us an experience of all emotions from happiness, to confusion, to screaming “What?! NO!” at the television when yet another plot twist occurs, resulting in jaws dropping and chest clenching. All of this mixed in with sombre feelings when one of the many serious and heavy scenes happen. This seasons proves to be a tad more violent and gruesome than the previous two, which may serve to not be a dinner time programme for the squeamish, but the intensity is insanely awesome. All of these components make for an amazing work of writing and acting. Tatiana Maslany should be getting every single award that she contends for, the amount of talent this lady has is astonishing.

On this DVD as well gives a whole bunch of exciting extras including a recap of the previous two seasons and an insider to the male clones!

A fourth season has already been confirmed and we are just so excited to see what it has in stall for us.