Netflix’s ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Review

Thanks to Netflix Australia, we had the chance to see ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ ahead of its June 10 debut.

netflixvoltron paladinsWhen the Galra empire threatens the universe, it’s up tofive young unexperienced pilots (Paladins) to stop the evil emperor Zarkon by finding five mechanic Lyons capable of forming the universe’s mightiest weapon: Voltron.

Netflix has teamed up with Dreamworks to bring the iconic cartoon back to our screens. It has an updated look that still remains true to the original saga. This voltrontime, however, the more colourful and modern animation mixes classic 2D animation with some cartoony 3D sequences that look superb, especially during action sequences.

The simple story, likeable characters, action, friendship values and good comedy sequences make the series a delight for the entire family. A great refreshing return!

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Voltron is now on Netflix

Bonus: Check this hilarious ‘Brotrons’ video which highlights some of Voltron’s ‘biggest fans’

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