‘Modern Family’ Season 6 DVD Review

Thanks to Fox Home Entertainment we saw the latest season of Modern Family which is now reaching its sixth year.

Modern Family has become one of the most successful comedies of the last couple of years, due to the special connection it’s able to make with its audience via the daily issues encountered by the unique, relatable members of the Pritchett family.

mf-s6This season confronts viewers with a number of funny situations, including Cam’s attempts to get Lily to follow in his footsteps as a clown and the hilarious ‘virtual’ episode, in which the Dunphys become fully connected via face time to search for Hayley, who has apparently eloped in Vegas.

The Modern Family seems to have a generally bullet-proof formula worked out that appeals to all ages and which manages to elicit plenty of laughs. However, it does seem to gradually be losing a little charm, similar to what we’ve seen happen with The Simpsons’ latest seasons and as a result of too many interconnected stories that make no sense. Moreover, Phil Dunphy’s (Ty Burrell) jokes are becoming repetitive. Classic Phil can get quite irritating and over-the-top, as can gags about Sofia Vergara’s Spanglish issues.

Overall, it’s clear that Modern Family will continue for many more seasons and make viewers laugh – especially thanks to Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Spencer. Hopefully the show’s creators, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, will come up with great new stories in future seasons.

Modern Family Season Six is out now on DVD and Blu ray around the country.