‘Legion’ Season 1 Review

Superheroes, superheroes everywhere…From streaming services to huge blockbusters. When this will end, many ask themselves. Well, apparently we are far from seen the last mutant or red cape on screen, and fortunately Legion is a clear example of how to keep things fresh by breaking the rules and going into a darker, twisted place where the story is all about the characters and not about how much CGI and jokes you can push into the final product (yes, we are looking at you Guardians if the Galaxy Vol.2).

Based on the Marvel comics, Legion follows David (Dan Stevens) a troubled man who from a young age started hearing “voices in his head”, an issue that forced his love ones to put him to a mental institution after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

All changes for David, when he meets Syd (Rachel Keller), a girl who can’t be touched, with the pair becoming fond to each other, and triggering David’s true abilities, hailing him as probably the most powerful, – yet dangerous – mutant of all.

Legion is a well-crafted TV series that takes the superhero genre into the darkest corners and the weirdest time-lines, making viewers wondering most of the time what is really going on, but in a good way. Furthermore, at times feels like the first (and only good) Matrix film, with some bits of Dr. Strange, as the anti-hero travels to alternate realities within his own mind, where he can create anything he wants.

There are also very interesting secondary characters like the evil “The Eye”(Mackenzie Gray) and Cary (Bill Irwin) who literally has another person living inside his body, a girl named Kerry (Amber Midthunder) who comes out when it’s time to kick some butts.

What makes Legion interesting and addictive, despite being a bit slow and confusing, is its rich character development and plot twists, forcing viewers to switch sides or even wondering who the bad guy truly is. Moreover, the season is connected to the X-Men film series.

Special effects, drama and mutant action, that’s what you can expect from Legion! What are you waiting for!?

Legion Season 1 – On Blu-Ray November 22.