Hollywood Undead ‘New Empire, Vol. 1’ Review

Hollywood Undead are a unique beast and cannot be ignored. An American rap rock band hailing from California, they’ve carved themselves a niche in the music world. Always trying new things, they are truly a band keeping the industry fresh.

Their latest offering, New Empire, Vol. 1 is due for release next week, and while it isn’t my favourite album of 2020, the band have put together some great songs. Album highlights for me include the already-released album opener, “Time Bomb” with its great hook and catchy chorus. It’s got everything the band are known for. The perfect choice for opening track, “I just wanna live before I die” it really draws you in to their highly original sound. It is probably my favourite off the record. “Already Dead” is a highlight and serves as an anthem for the downtrodden. “Upside Down” with its message of having no regrets because “it made me who I am today”, is another favourite track of mine, and is well worth a listen!

As I’ve said, this album wasn’t at the top of my list, but one thing I really enjoyed was the blend of rap, rock and melodious vocals! I’m sure this will be an album that grows on me over time!

New Empire, Vol. 1 is set for release 14 February 2020