‘Fargo Season 3’ Review

Since the release of its first mind-blowing season, starring a psychopathic Billy Bob Thornton, Fargo has been a TV fan favourite. Especially after the final twist in season 2 showcased a very unusual but superb character by Kirsten Dunst.

But now it’s time for some dirty business, as Fargo’s third season arrives on DVD and Blu-ray. This season pushes the series’ boundaries by having Ewan McGregor playing two characters at the same time: twin brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy. The former is a successful businessman who runs a parking empire, while the latter works as a corrections officer and resents his brother for scamming him him out of a very valuable stamp he inherited.

Ray gets involved with one of his inmates and together they put together a plan to kill Emmit and claim back the stamp. Something that goes horribly wrong as the junkie hitman they hired kill the wrong man in the wrong town, unleashing a chain of events that put the rival brothers in jeopardy from a policewoman who’s obsessed with the case. And all this is happening while a disgusting money-laundering crimelord arrives claiming ownership of Emmit’s parking business.

Fargo‘s third season showcases Ewan McGregor at his best with solid performances by David Thewlis (Aka Professor Lupin in The Harry Potter series) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nikki (Ray’s love interest). Sadly, these performances are not enough to reach the heights of the first two seasons, as the story is slow and way too many things are happening simultaneously, making it easy to lose track of events.

There are still plenty of good bits, especially involving Ray and his bad luck, as well as some unexpected deaths. Nevertheless, Fargo‘s third season is hit-and-miss and feels a little dull compared to the two previous seasons.

Fargo Season 3 is out in DVD from November 22