‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 1 Blu-Ray Review

Bloody good!

In an era of excessive digital effects, remakes, nonsense spin-offs and sequels, a series finally delivers something totally amazing with a 90’s feel. Horror icon Bruce Campbell (1992’s Army of Darkness, Evil Dead) has once again teamed up with Evil Dead creators Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Rob Tapert, to bring, Ash Williams, one of the most legendary anti-heroes back to our screens (chainsaw included).

ash-vs-evil-dead-review2Ash vs Evil Dead, could be considered the third installment of the Evil Dead saga. Our silly hero Ash (Bruce Campbell) is enjoying his life now that it is free of deadites (evil demonic Zombie hybrids), by getting drunk and picking up random chicks at bars. But everything suddenly changes when during a crazy night involving a lot of alcohol and a hot girl, Ash decides to open the Necronomicon just to impress the chick. This proves to be a huge mistake that he will soon regret. The deadites return, putting him and the entire world in jeopardy, leaving Ash with no option but to come out of retirement and start slaughtering evil creatures to once again save the world.

Old school horror fans are in for a treat, right in time for Halloween, as “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is purely a fan service TV series. It remains true to the original cult saga, with the same silly jokes, evil creatures and a ridiculous amount of gore, with mostly props and traditional effects being used to achieve the 90s feel.

ash-vs-evil-dead-review1The sole fact that Bruce Campbell and his chainsaw are back worth celebrating; and the iconic actor seems to live for the character of Ash. He truly stands up to the test of time, and his character feels fresh and capable of captivating old and new fans alike.

The supporting cast also does a good job, with a mix of serious and silly characters, including Lucy Lawless as Ruby, Ash’s new best friend Pablo (Ray Santiago), the sometimes moody Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and police officer Amanda Fisher (Marie Jones), whose sole objective is to find Ash and prove the real cause of his partner’s death after being possessed by a deadite.

The Blu-Ray release includes delicious gory features, including a tutorial courtesy of Ash on how to kill a deadite, a clip with Ash’s best moments, a character retrospective, looking at Ash in the Evil Dead universe, and audio commentaries for every episode.

Ash vs Evil Dead can be considered a triumph, not only of good over evil, but also of old school horror versus the contemporary Hollywood machine. The series delivers a total blast from the past for fans who grew up loving the 90’s horror genre and is also going to appeal to a new generation of gore lovers.

A must own! Ash vs Evil Dead – Available on Blu-ray and DVD October 26.