Album Review: ‘Red’ by Devilskin

Red is the latest offering from metal legends Devilskin. Having recently broken into the Australian music scene, after global success, tours with other legends of the scene including Slash and Halestorm, Devilskin are here to stay.

Their third album, Red, is their most ambitious record to date. While they are known for their emotionally-driven songs, Devilskin have raised the bar to new heights and they are eager for fans to hear what is coming. It is clear by the initial reactions to the first releases from this record, that Devilskin is truly on the right track. One listen to “Corrode” (All I need is a little help / These pieces don’t fit now / Dirty water, corrode in me) and you’ll be counting down the minutes to the album’s release. Bassist Paul Martin has shared his excitement for the release, saying, “We can all say, quite honestly, that we have put our very best into this album, the songs, the production and the entire presentation, everything is how we wanted it, sincere. Bringing these songs to life in the studio was intense, but extremely satisfying. I think we have surpassed our own expectations and now it’s up to our friends to climb inside this album and explore this beast that we have built.”

Red is powerful, atmospheric and very possibly their best album (although the others are still so damn good). It is strong and dynamic. And it is honestly hard to review in words other than “I absolutely loved it!”; it’s an album that demands your full attention and leaves little room for anything other than pure enjoyment. Opening with the powerful “Do You See Birds”, this album wastes no time getting right into what they do best. Highlights for me include the epic “Blood & Bone”, the absolutely beautiful “Sweet Release” (probably my favourite track), the seething anger of “Same Life” and the brilliant “Bright Lights”. I also really recommend “All Fall Down” with its scene-setting opening lyrics of: Fear will make you follow / Today until tomorrow / Try too hard to swallow / Your heart and soul are hollow.

Vocalist Jennie Skulander is an absolute powerhouse and it doesn’t matter how many songs of theirs I hear, I am constantly amazed by the strength and range of her vocals. And this record showcases it all! If you like what you’ve heard before, then you will be thrilled with Red.

Red is out 3 April 2019

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