AC/DC ‘Power Up’ Album Review

This year has brought with it many surprises, some good and some bad. The return of AC/DC has been a welcome distraction from this turbulent year. It is the band’s first new music since 2014, but listening to this record, it feels like it was just yesterday. Their latest offering Power Up is like jumping in a time machine and traveling back to the good ol’ days of Aussie rock. Listening to this record, you’d think no time has passed at all since the days when AC/DC ruled our radios (though arguably they still do in many circles). From the opening seconds, the album is unapologetically AC/DC. It’s exactly what you would expect: brilliant guitar work, catchy hooks, killer riffs and a whole lot of fun. It is a reminder that AC/DC are unbeatable!

The record opens with “Realize”, a powerful, heavy, ass-kicking song! With opening lyrics like The moment you realize / Those moments just pass you by / Gonna take you to paradise, this was the absolute perfect choice to set the tone for what is to come! It is followed up perfectly by “Rejection”. Lead single “A Shot in the Dark” is utterly brilliant. It injects some good vibes into an otherwise dark year, A shot in the dark / Make you feel alright. Immediately following this track is “Through the Mists of Time”, a song that serves as a reminder of just how long this band has been rocking out, and how nothing can stop them. “Kick You When You’re Down” is arguably one of the best tracks on the record, Oh no / Why do they kick you when you’re down?  – I can see this one becoming one of their many, many classic hits. The band play on the well-loved occult themes hard rock loves so much. I love a good reference to witches, and “Witch’s Spell” certainly hits the spot, Caught in a witch’s spell / Got a tale to tell. It’s a shame Supernatural ended this year, because this song would have made a perfect addition to the show’s AC/DC heavy soundtrack. “Demon Fire” is a reminder of the showmanship of this band; they are performers through and through. And it has one hell of a catchy chorus: Demon fire / it’s all you desire. It is pretty hard to pick favourites from this record – they are all so very AC/DC! “Code Red” is a hard-hitting record closer, Hard fight, rough night / Dead in your sight / Fire light, fire bright / Fire in the night. It has to be another one of my favourites.

Power Up is everything you want from an AC/DC record, and is certainly something positive to come out of 2020, and a brilliant way to say goodbye to the year we’d all rather forget.

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