“Tyrant” Season 1 DVD Review

Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment we had the chance to see the new drama, Tyrant, from the producers of Homeland, on DVD.

tyrant image 1Bassam (Adam Rayner), an American self-exile, returns to Abbudin (a fictitious Arabic country) to live under the ferocious regime of his father and his vicious older brother, Jamal (Ashraf Barhom). Twenty years have passed and Bassam, now known as Barry, has returned with his wife and kids to attend his nephew’s wedding.

Barry comes to confront the reality of his motherland after he decides to stay in Abbudin to help his family. The people of Abbudin exist under a cruel dictatorship: only the presidential family lives in opulence, while the rest of the citizens starve and women are mistreated. Protests, curfews and terrorism are everyday occurrences under this regime, while people fight for liberty. Barry uses his Western mentality to ease Jamal’s iron hand, in an effort to bring democracy to his people.

tyrant-image-2Tyrant it’s a ten-episode intense drama that raises issues of equality, human rights, democracy and terrorism, seen here from an Arab perspective. Even though is not an action-packed series like Homelandor24, ‘Tyrant‘ is intense and contains many crude and violent scenes which are not easy to watch at times. The series has lots of plot twists and excellent performances, especially by Ashraf Barhom.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings the first season of Tyrant to Australia on Blu-ray and DVD. The special features include the featurette ‘A Family of Tyranny’ and deleted scenes.

If you want to get your hands on this amazing series keep your eyes open as Tyrant goes on sale March 25th around Australia.