The Simpsons Season 17 – DVD Review

Thanks to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment we had the chance to watch The Simpsons – Season 17 on DVD before its Australian release.

This set of episodes, aired back in 2005, condenses a bunch of wacky stories of this iconic American family. One of the smash hits of the 90’s, the Simpsons has declined in popularity due to what seems to be a lack of ideas from the writers. However, after so many years they still manage to create new scenarios involving the entire family and all our beloved Springfield citizens. The stories vary from Marge saving manatees in the wild to Milhouse’s parents getting back together, Homer dressing as a giant salamander, Marge joining a gang for women and Lisa disguising herself as a boy at school.

simpsons season 17 neverending storySeason 17 also includes the infallible Halloween episode, ‘TreeHouse of Horror XVI’; this time ‘round, it’s not that funny, but is still in keeping with current themes. Moreover, there is an interesting comeback by Sideshow Bob (based in Italy) and even an episode set in India, when Springfield Nuclear outsources overseas and Homer is sent as a manager.

The highlight of the season is, by far, the Emmy Award-winning episode ‘The Seemingly Neverending story’ where a set of tangled stories are brilliantly written delivering a surprising episode. Another great episode is ‘The monkey Suit’ where Marge proves evolution to a jury and the entire town with irrefutable proof. On the other hand, ‘Homer’s Paternity Coot’ and ‘Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife’ disappoint, along with the Christmas and wettest stories.

simpsons-season-17-dvdOverall, The Simpsons struggles to keep up the pace with their own episodes; and for die-hard fans of the series, it’s hard to not compare newer episodes with the old classics. The Simpsons still manages to make you laugh but that wow factor present in the first seasons now rarely surfaces. As usual (and for better or worse) The Simpsons is flooded with guest stars, including: Lily Tomlin, Ricky Gervais, Larry Hagman, Dennis Rodman, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Mandy Moore, Richard Dean Anderson and Joe Mantegna that make episodes more interesting.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings The Simpsons Season 17 to Australia. The DVD box set include 4 discs with the 22 episodes and tons of extras featuring a beautiful illustrated mini-brochure, an episode guide set as the playlist from the Sideshow Bob opera, audio-commentaries, scene selection, an animation showcase to change angle views, deleted scenes, audio tracks, a featurette narrated by Matt Groening, a sketch gallery and much more.

The Simpsons – Season 17 is now available in Australia.