‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’ Review

 “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s Robot Chicken!”

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to watch the highly anticipated  Robot Chicken DC Comics Special on Blu-Ray

Following the unique style of this adult swim hit, Seth Green and his mates are back with a 30 minute-episode full of DC comics extravaganza, with hilarious and very geeky jokes that never stop.

Robot-Chicken-DC-Comics-SpeThe story makes fun of Aquaman most of the time, as this character has been always the target of the jokes for many years as his powers seem to be not as amazing as the ones from his fellow mates from the Justice League.

robot-chicken-dc-comicsThe special goes so quick, and it leaves you a bit empty at the end as you want more and more. However, to compensate for this the Blu-Ray includes a ridiculous amount of extras, featuring the voice cast with Neil Patrick Harris, Alfred Molina, Megan Fox and Breckin Meyer just to name some, as well as some deleted scenes (unfinished cinematic versions), and some featurettes that shed light on the making of the props. We even get the most incredible inside tour at DC comics headquarters with Seth Green and his pals running everywhere like kids, especially when they reach the huge merchandise room and the legendary archive section where all the DC comics ever made are in storage.

 Watch the trailer here

 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special is now available from Madman and it’s a must have for every fan if this hilarious series. Get your copy here.